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If you order by mistake or accidentally entered the wrong order before shipping the phone 00 36 72-310-482 can cancel without any consequences. The customer may order 17/1999. Unconditional right of withdrawal under Government Decree.

Please note that the following priority:

- The Customer may withdraw from a purchase intention within 14 working days of the receipt of goods. - The claim for rescission or for complaint by phone or e-mail may initiate. - The ordered products should be returned to our address by post or courier service help. It is important that the return of the product expenses incurred shall be borne by the Buyer, the port (COD) packages sent to our company is not in a position to take over!

- The returned goods counter-values of intact we return product within 30 days, as specified by the customer bank account. Of course, the intention Ellas, a confirmation e-mail delivered to the Buyer. - If the returned goods have already been in use, the injury suffered goods will be returned to the buyer's expense.

If you have been using the product to an unforeseen problem. The complaints quickly and professionally to remedy in accordance with law.

If you find any abnormality during use, please immediately notify us the e-mail address or phone 00 36 72-310-482. The defective product, please return it by mail to 7621, the number of our stores Pécs Király street 15 below with a copy of the invoice. If we determine that a legitimate claim and reimburse the postage is making the following solutions:

- If the product is repaired correctable error condition is returned within 14 days. - Non-recoverable error occurs, replace the product or refund the purchase price in accordance with the customer's decision. - Not clearly decide the disputes or cases of vandalism or when there is a suspicion of the product will be sent to an independent laboratory testing in accordance with the law (49/2003 (VII.30) GKM) Two-year warranty for our products we where the first six months of the next year and a half and is subject to various assessment under that legislation.