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Our company has approx. Partner with 200 retail stores have.As a result, almost the entire country can be found in our products.Our bags are distributing center of Pecs our location.Here you will personally welcome customers.


Product Manufacturing

Our bags are usually produced in five different leather. Alphabet symbol next to the model is a type of skin. Most of the leather can be manufactured in any bags. Of course, the price of raw materials determine the product's price, so the price change results in a change. This case is different from the specified list prices.


Our products are standard. This means that custom-made products, we can not accept. The minimum order quantity of 20 pieces per model. Of course, this does not mean that we can not deliver smaller quantities. This can esetebn possible if the amount received many orders company to reach a minimum of 20 dB. Of this fact, of course, always inform our customers. in this case is likely to occur in small-scale transport delays.

The designation of the basic materials:

AM pull-up type, satin, leather U.S.

K antique aged matte leather

B natural buffalo leather

PO pull-up type, sporty leather

H foiled leather 



Your order via postal mail, e-mail, fax or phone, you can make that meet the following general payment and delivery terms.

1 Our prices are ex-factory, exclusive of taxes and shipping costs are not included. Orders - the specified factory prices - We can only accept only "legal person" on a commercial scale.

2 Receipt of the goods in person or COD as a package. / In the latter case the shipping costs paid by the buyer

3 The consideration paid in cash to the company's cashier order or bank transfer for priorPayment term: 20 days from receipt

4 In case of delayed payment, the prevailing base rate is calculated to be more than twice.